Heaven - Fire Fallen Mana Frontier Skill Fire Battle Armor Frontier Skill Heaven - Fire Divinity Frontier Skill Heaven - Wind Divinity Frontier Skill Advanced Spectral Magpie Scroll II - Spirit Fire Fallen Mana Frontier Skill Wind Fallen Mana Frontier Skill Advanced Moonlight Herald Scroll II - Soul Tortoise Serum Concentrated Tortoise Serum Fortified Tortoise Serum Falmari Rum Falmari Spiced Rum Level 3 Night Shrine Element (Test) Snuffler Bonemeal Fine Snuffler Bonemeal Superior Snuffler Bonemeal Dusken Clover Mead Dusken Rose Mead Ginseng Wine Spiced Ginseng Wine Exquisite Ginseng Wine Dandelion Wine Spiced Dandelion Wine Wingarian Aquavit Spiced Wingarian Aquavit Superior Wingarian Aquavit Silver Dragon's Roar Golden Dragon's Roar Bloodclaw Serum Concentrated Bloodclaw Serum Fortified Bloodclaw Serum Bloodclaw Musk Refined Bloodclaw Musk Hawthorn Wine Fine Hawthorn Wine Aged Hawthorn Wine Hexer's Muse Aged Hexer's Muse Whetstone Stout Aged Whetstone Stout Superior Whetstone Stout Whetstone Ale Spirit Compass Stomp Leather Helmet Basic Turret Intermediate Turret Advanced Turret Special Turret Divine Turret Intermediate Anti-stealth Tower Seafood Chowder Meat Sandwich Stewed Fish Tofu Silvermoon Sashimi Cod Stew Novitiate's Bracelet Crispy Trout Filets Claypot Stew Steamed Salamander Braised Fish Stew Angel’s Fine Ring Angel's Inventor Seal Ring Bloodclaw Crest (Test) Beastblood Band Beastblood Fury Ring Royal Sunchaser Band Sunchaser Band Sparkling Finger Ring Royal Light Band Shabby Royal Light Ring Azure Deity Band Karthstone Band Ultimate Ruffian Band (Test) Dream Band Clam Chowder Chicken Platter Pig Brain Soup Dragontooth God Slayer Band Sinking Star Ring Turquoise Band Thorn Band Raven Gall Band Flying Leaves Band Stingroot Band Earth Spirit Band Spiced Lamb Shanks Cloudchaser Band Resplendent Band Turquoise Band Thorn Band Raven Gall Band Mushroom Soup Chili Tofu Casserole Hunter's Feast Braised Fish Head Cloudchaser Band Resplendent Band Battle Lord’s Band Ragefire Ring Stainless Band Braised Offal Crispy Fish Cakes A Taste of the Sea Cured Pork Karstad County Treasure Map Skystrike Band Bright Band Karstwald Inlaid Treasure Map Grass Band Stingroot Band Tower of Pain Band Tower of Pain Band Sautéed Catfish Braised Beef with Potatoes Sublime Band Mordant Band Iron Soul Band Enchanted Band Redgate Ring Moonwater Band Firefang Band Illusive Band Righteous Spirit Band Stingroot Band Stingroot Band Dragontooth Sparkling Ring Sparkling Fang Band (Test) Premium Stalwart Philter Joust of the Stoic Pass Common Carapace Philter Premium Carapace Philter Sparkling Band - Spirit Novitiate's Bracelet Mystery Band Common Solace Philter Premium Solace Philter Divine Solace Philter Common Zealot's Philter Premium Zealot's Philter Bloodclaw Crest (Test) Beast Magic Band Beast Magic Dormant Band Dark Sun Blaze Band Sun Blaze Band Nirvana Finger Ring Gleaming Band Starry Gleaming Band Azure Deity Band