Element of Roaring Vim Element of Persistent Vim Element of Quiet Vim Element of Robust Psyche Element of Piercing Psyche Element of Glorious Psyche Element of Roaring Psyche Element of Persistent Psyche Element of Quiet Psyche Element of Robust Focus Level three Vanguard Path Element Element of Glorious Focus Element of Roaring Focus Element of Persistent Focus Element of Quiet Focus Element of Robust Enlightenment Element of Piercing Enlightenment Element of Glorious Enlightenment Element of Roaring Enlightenment Element of Persistent Enlightenment Element of Quiet Enlightenment Lucky Pouch Basic Dragon Water Imitation Royal Ink Refined Dragon Water Diluted Royal Ink Purified Dragon Water Fine Royal Ink Divine Dragon Water Exquisite Royal Ink Element of Stealthy Resolve Element of Stealthy Vim Element of Stealthy Psyche Element of Stealthy Focus Element of Stealthy Enlightenment Mixed-element Focus Pill Foreign Moonshade Fragment Golden Compass Level 3 Swordmage Path Element Bloodlust Salve (Scrapped) Accurate Compass Level three Blademaster Path Element Obsidian Compass Small Health Bottle Small Mana Bottle Berserker’s Concoction Arcane Concoction Level 3 Gunslinger Path Element Antique Copper Plate Intermediate Gate of Atrophy Scroll I - Dark Advanced Mionide Bells Scroll I - Soul Common Stalwart Philter Premium Stalwart Philter Divine Stalwart Philter Common Carapace Philter Premium Carapace Philter Level 3 Spirit Shaper Path Element Common Solace Philter Premium Solace Philter Divine Solace Philter Common Zealot's Philter Premium Zealot's Philter Old Common Brawler’s Philter Stale Premium Brawler’s Philter Stale Divine Brawler's Philter Stale Common Rage Philter Stale Premium Rage Philter Common Strength Philter Common Primary Weapon Billets Divine Strength Philter Common Ardent Philter Premium Ardent Philter Common Enlightenment Philter Premium Enlightenment Philter Divine Enlightenment Philter Common Sagacity Philter Premium Sagacity Philter Common Brutality Philter Premium Brutality Philter Divine Brutality Philter Common Thunderous Philter Premium Thunderous Philter Common Zealot's Philter Premium Zealot's Philter Divine Zealot's Philter Common Rage Philter Secret Censer Advanced Leaping Porpoise Scroll II - Spirit Common Hawkeye Philter Premium Hawkeye Philter Divine Hawkeye Philter Common Precision Philter Premium Precision Philter Advanced Firefly Hex Scroll I - Spirit Common Brawler's Philter Premium Brawler's Philter Divine Brawler's Philter Common Juggernaut Philter Premium Rage Philter Wind Skyfire Frontier Skill Fire Frozen Moon Frontier Skill Alkaline Fire Essence Neutral Fire Essence Aggressive Fire Elemental Weak Red Flame Elemental Neutral Red Fire Essence Level 3 Occultist Path Element Fire Pentastrike Frontier Skill Alkaline Fluid Essence Neutral Fluid Essence Aggressive Water Elemental Weak Jade Surge Elemental Neutral Jade Essence Alkaline Metal Essence Neutral Metal Essence Acidic Metal Essence Weak Swift Shadow Essence Neutral Spectral Essence Wind Soul Extinguish Frontier Skill Alkaline Earth Essence Neutral Earth Essence Fire Arctic Frontier Skill Weak Solid Rock Essence Neutral Lapis Essence Wind Arctic Frontier Skill Alkaline Wood Essence Neutral Wood Essence Aggressive Wood Elemental Weak Spirit Elemental Neutral Spirit Essence Heaven - Fire Smite Frontier Skill Heaven - Wind Smite Frontier Skill Heaven - Fire Protector Frontier Skill Wind Lotus Frontier Skill Heaven - Fire Skyfire Frontier Skill Heaven - Wind Skyfire Frontier Skill Heaven - Fire Frozen Moon Frontier Skill Heaven - Wind Frozen Moon Frontier Skill Heaven - Fire Pentastrike Frontier Skill Advanced Moonlight Herald Scroll I - Soul Heaven - Fire Soul Extinguish Frontier Skill Heaven - Wind Soul Extinguish Frontier Skill Heaven - Fire Arctic Frontier Skill Heaven - Wind Arctic Frontier Skill Heaven - Fire Lotus Frontier Skill Wind Explosive Fissure Frontier Skill Heaven - Fire Explosive Fissure Frontier Skill Square Lucky Plate Heaven - Fire Battle Armor Frontier Skill