Dovetail Joint (Old) Old Contentment Soup Heavy Crossbow (Old) Ranger's Crossbow (Old) Light Arm Crossbow (Old) Heavy Arm Crossbow (Old) Yellow Arm Crossbow (Old) Old Spicy Beef Compound Hook (Old) Alloy Hook (Old) Inspiration Stimulant (Old) Camelia Extract (Old) Leaching Agent - Old Aquavit - Old Elder Vintage Wine Hickory Board - Old Thornbaum Board - Old Maple Board (Old) Elkwood Board - Old Ancient Ebony Board - Old Old Mountain Tortoise Shell Soup Golden Scarwood - Old Coarse Leather Scroll - Old Old Red Bean Jujube Soup Fortress Firewater - Old Elder Vintage Wine Old Contentment Soup Spicy Peanut Chicken (4-Star) Reward, Temporary (Old) Butterfly Wings - Night Black (Old) Butterfly Wings - Yin-yang Fiery Hell (Old) Dual Feather Wings (Old) Valkyrie Wings Aquavit - Old Elder Vintage Wine Dragonfly - Initial Heart Dragonfly Wings Nirvana Wings Goldwin Carth Wings Wings of Darkness Ragefire Battle Armor Dragon Wings - Yellow Spring (Old) Dragon Wings - Eclipse Particle Accelerator X4S (Old) Bone Wings - Withered Bone Wings - Deep Fire Old Red Bean Jujube Soup (Old) Frost Light Rifle (Old) Black Gold Angel Seraphim Silvermoon Black Gold 500 Vorion Raiment (Hand) Vorion Raiment (Leg) Old Peppered Conch Crab Celebration Outfit (Chest) Butterfly Wings - Brilliant Celebration Outfit (Hand) Skystrike Battle Armor Celebration Outfit (Foot) Butterfly Wings - Daytime White Butterfly Wings - Night Black Butterfly Wings - Yin-yang Dual Feather Wings Valkyrie Wings Stomp Battle Armor Dragon Wings - Eclipse Bone Wings - Withered Frost Light Rifle Black Gold Angel Crimson Bladewings Old Peppered Conch Crab Dragon’s Roar - Fresh Potable (Old) Windwalker Boots Old Jujube and Lotus Soup Falcon Battle Armor Leopard’s Cunning Battle Armor Tiger’s Roar Battle Armor Advanced Secondary Weapon Billets Old Oxbone Soup Mordant Battle Armor Refined Battle Armor Iron Soul Battle Armor Poltergeist Battle Armor Masterpiece Battle Armor Enchanted Battle Armor Bamboo Charcoal (Old) Mixed Noodles (Old) Seafood Noodles (Old) Invigoration Element R (Old) Invigoration Element S (Old) Invigoration Element T (Old) Desolation Battle Armor Solitary Battle Armor Basic Necklace Billets Common Necklace Billets Advanced Necklace Billets Old Elixir of Haste 90 Inexorable Battle Armor (Test) 100 Inexorable Battle Armor (Test) Wolf Pack Battle Armor Divine Light Battle Armor Singed Battle Armor Ashen Ranger Battle Armor Basic Ring Billets Longvale Battle Armor Refined Leather Top Flight Leather Top Poltergeist Leather Top Masterpiece Furcoat Fulfillment of the Rooster Box Inexorable Battle Armor Level 20 Utensil Practice Scroll PVE Mark Pact: Level 1 PVE Mark Fortune of the Rooster Box, Temporary Fulfillment of the Rooster Box, Temporary Level 40 Utensil Practice Scroll Old Normal Solace Potion Warmonger Battle Armor Eclipse Battle Armor - Spirit Old Crit Resist I Novitiate’s Leather Armor Mionide Leather Outfit Refined Shirt Flight Shirt Poltergeist Shirt Masterpiece Shirt Basic Tough Armor Billets Common Tough Armor Billets Initial Heart Top Special Tough Armor Billets Shadow Leather Garment Shadow Flight Garment Shadow Revenant's Leather Top Revenant's Leather Top Heaven’s Light Leather Top Basic Garment Fabric Slaughterer Wildbone Leather Top Advanced Garment Fabric Special Garment Fabric Crazed Wildbone Leather Top Dark Wind Leather Top Devouring Light Leather Top Highwing Leather Top Sage Heart Sage Heart Old Normal Wanderer Potion Old Small Resting Mountain Pill Advanced Weapon Formulation Old Crit Resist IV Raptor Leather Garment Enthusiast - Gunslinger