ID: 363100
icon Item
Stacks: 99

Raw Material sold at the shops

A local specialty sold at the Immortal Annex Favor Shop.
Requires Silver Card Immortal Annex Member ID for a Unit Price: 500 Imperial Coins
Unit Price at Wholesale Materials Seller: 600 Imperial Coins
Used for crafting:
Basic Weapon Formulation, Intermediate Weapon Formulation, Advanced Weapon Formulation, Special Weapon Formulation, Basic Armor Formulation, Intermediate Armor Formulation, Advanced Armor Formulation, Special Armor Formulation, Basic Accessory Formulation, Common Accessory Formulation, Advanced Accessory Formulation, Special Accessory Formulation, Calligraphy Paper Scroll, and Porcelain Bowl

A specialty of the Immortal Annex. Inscribed upon it are the virtues and ethics that provide the backbone of the Annex's philosophy.
Buy price: 600 coin
Sell price: 150 coin

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