ID: 330562
Special Fodder
icon Item
Stacks: 999

Bind on obtain
Required Level: 20
Basic Raw Materials

Basic raw materials that use Crafting. Collect Level 25 or 30 plant resources to get them.
The following Level 25 resources yield this material: Sapphire Blossom
Identification capabilities are recorded in the Craft Book Chapter Five - Botany Scroll 5
The following Level 30 resources yield this material: Wyrmweed
Identification capabilities are recorded in the Life Chapter - Botany Scroll 6
Used to make:
Leaching Agent, Common Kylin Lozenge, Common Carapace Philter, Common Zealot's Philter, Common Juggernaut Philter, Common Ardent Philter, Common Sagacity Philter, Common Thunderous Philter, Common Rage Philter, Common Precision Philter, Hornwort Tea, Pacifying Brew

Buy price: 100 coin
Sell price: 100 coin

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