Dragonfly Wings Feather Wings - Upward Nirvana Wings Penetrating Bullet Magazine Wings of Darkness (Old) Dragon Wings - Nether Particle Accelerator X4 Dragon Wings - Yellow Spring (Old) Dragon Wings - Eclipse Blood Red Wings Dragon Wings - Cold Shackles Particle Accelerator X4S Particle Accelerator (Old) Bone Wings - Withered Bone Wings - Deep Fire Rose Flower (Old) Frost Light Rifle (Old) Black Gold Angel Feather Wings - Flying Cloud Dragonfly Wings (Old) Butterfly Wings - Daytime White (Old) Butterfly Wings - Night Black (Old) Butterfly Wings - Yin-yang Lightfeather Quad Wings Feather Wings - Upward Particle Accelerator X4S Skyfire Dragon Wings Seraphim Silvermoon Black Gold F-15 Sky Stab Celestial Pike Windsweeper Wings Revelation Flight Master Wings Snowshine F-22 Butterfly Wings - Brilliant Faery Wings - Pure Music Butterfly Wings - Light Color (Temporary) Dusken Spirit Obliteration Fire Dragonfly - Initial Heart (Old) Black Gold Angel Envoy of Golden Flame Nirvana Wings Goldwin Carth Wings Wings of Darkness Rose Flower Seraphim Silvermoon Butterfly Wings - Daytime White Illusive Earrings Butterfly Wings - Yin-yang Dual Feather Wings Valkyrie Wings Dragon Wings - Nether Dragon Wings - Eclipse Bone Wings - Withered Frost Light Rifle Black Gold Angel New Nirvana Wings Ausgyth Master Wings Pentastrike Wings Mini Gold Wings Flamegold Wings Fly with Revelation! Crimson Bladewings Divine Angel Wings Ladybug Flashing Starlight Frost Ice Rose Butterfly Wings - Darkshadow Roseflame F-16 Bright Starlight Ancestral Dragon Wings Abyss Dragon Wings Fish Scales Gold Butterfly Wings Feather Wings - Scintilla Wings of Light Wings of Darkness Crimson Phoenix Wings Ashen Phoenix Wings Dark Abyss Rule of Law Wandering Blade Divine Blaze Dance of Harmony Soul Render Fate and Fortune Box Advanced Mana Armor Scroll I - Steel N/A N/A N/A N/A Penetrating Bullet Magazine N/A Origins Secret Box Apple-flavored Love Beans Bag of Roasted Chestnuts Peach-flavored Love Beans Penetrating Bullet Magazine Small Gentle Rain Pack Dragon Boat Festival Pierced Sun Spear Destroyer Spellblade Carver’s Blades Ancestral Dragon’s Strike Diva’s Tears Soul Siphon Wand PVE Mark Pact - Level 3 PVE Mark Millennia Ring - Stampeding Steeplechase Paper Crane Lottery Bag Origins of Wealth Name Change Intro Letter N/A Refined Axe Flight Axe Poltergeist Axe Masterpiece Axe Skin Voucher Public Apparel Renewal Order Public Accessory Renewal Order Aristocrat's Fan Spacey Rabbit Flame Lord Soul Snowflake Box Top Quality Repair Pack Crude Accessory Repair Pack Common Accessory Repair Pack Demon Urgon Soul Refined Spellblade Flight Spellblade Poltergeist Spellblade Masterpiece Spellblade Brocades and Haute Cuisine Box Level 15 Alchemy Practice Scroll Earkus Soul Carved Embroidered Box Level 25 Alchemy Practice Scroll Level 30 Alchemy Practice Scroll Advanced Focused Fire Scroll I - Aptitude Level 35 Alchemy Practice Scroll Level 40 Alchemy Practice Scroll Earkus the Brutish Soul Level 45 Alchemy Practice Scroll Golden Dew Embroidered Box Golden Dew Embroidered Box