King's Divine Wings Level 70-75 Purple Equipment Honing XP Bonus Event Item Reduce Bloodlust Guild Fealty Level 45-49 Shrine Gold Equipment Level 55-59 Bulwark Gold Equipment Level 65-69 Mech Gold Equipment Level 75-79 Altar of Swords Gold Equipment Level 45-49 Shrine Gold Weapons Graduation Gift and New Title Gold Equipment Material Engraved Talisman PVE Mark PVP Mark Dao Sigil Removal Sigils Soul Grid Panel Soul Crystal Chaos Crystal Orange Weapon Materials Seafood Coral Fish Oil Fennel Mushrooms Ginseng Rouge Tea Set Woven Silk Cotton Hemp Leather Green Tea Steel Sword Armor Wood Carvings Spices Dye Charcoal Felt Snow Lotus Sweets Preserves Royal Jelly Bamboo Writing Paper Oak Gall Ink Seasoning Cured Meat Traveler’s Wine Level 75 Gold Equipment Materials Porcelain Jewels Taro Cakes Black Tea Wine Bowl Maize Pig Iron Fireworks Barley Brewer's Yeast Volopine Ambrosia Quicksand Stones Tung Oil River Fish Emery Sapphire Agate Crossbow Pike Fortress Firewater Birch Blossom Band Reishi Fungus Pottery Glass Rubies Tents Harnesses Pistol Animal Horns Gold Dust Crystals Dropped Cargo Reach level 55 Reach Level 59 Straight to Level 55 Plus Reach Level 59 Plus Seal of Luna (Fort) Seal of Luna (Bastion) Seal of Luna (Faith) Seal of Grandeur (Fort) Seal of Grandeur (Bastion) Seal of Grandeur (Faith) Seal of Heaven (Fort) Seal of Heaven (Bastion) Seal of Heaven (Faith) Seal of Heaven (Divine) Seal of Five Lords (Fort) Seal of Five Lords (Bastion) Seal of the White Tiger (Fort) Seal of the White Tiger (Bastion) Heroism Mark (Fort) Heroism Mark (Bastion) Azure Dragon Seal (Fort) Azure Dragon Seal (Bastion) Basic Physical Attack Seal Essence Basic Physical Defense Seal Essence Basic Magic Attack Seal Essence Basic Magic Defense Seal Essence Basic Crit Seal Essence Stamina Decay Seal Advanced Physical Attack Seal Advanced Physical Defense Seal Advanced Magic Attack Seal Advanced Magic Defense Seal Essence Advanced Crit Seal Air Defense Seal Arena Competition Season Reward Vermilion Bird Seal - Extreme Black Turtle Seal Vermilion Bird Seal Primary Gate Medium Gate Arena Competition Season Reward Special Gate Divine Gate Basic Turret Intermediate Turret Advanced Turret Arena Competition Season Reward Divine Turret Basic Portal Intermediate Portal Advanced Portal Special Portal Array All-Server Arena Competition Season Reward Basic Mobile Cannon Intermediate Mobile Turret Advanced Mobile Turret Basic Cannon Medium Cannon All-Server Arena Competition Season Reward Basic Demolisher Medium Demolisher Advanced Demolisher