Adrenaline Stoneshield Combo 1 Stoneshield Combo 2 Stoneshield Combo 3 Windwave Broken Moon Juggernaut's Sweep Immovable Mountain Skypiercer Shadowbreaker Big Wine Jug Attack Merciless Strike Second Hit Merciless Strike Third Hit Merciless Strike Fourth Slash Merciless Strike Fifth Slash Mountain Brook Second Strike Windwave Second Hit Merciless Strike 8 Merciless Strike 9 Shadow Strike Fourth Slash Deadly Dash Second Strike Merciless Final Strike Merciless Strike Sixth Slash Merciless Strike 7 Shadowbreaker Second Hit Shadowbreaker Third Hit Shadowbreaker Fourth Slice Immovable Mountain Counterattack Extermination Second Strike Duelist - Feathered Sword Pentastrike Blinding Steel Duelist - Path to Pain Retribution Withering Pall Gladius Throw Tusenblade - Shadow Flurry Double Hammer Pound Flicker Flame Stomp Shattering Blow Cyclone Burst Lightning Chakra Tactician - Club Tactician - Mountain Armor Tactician - Windmill Extermination Blistering Aura Lethal Skill Let's get this party started! Lovers to the Death Heartache Refraction Mionide Bells Spectral Magpie Spirit Shell Sanctification Leaping Porpoise Firefly Hex Normal Attack 2 Play a Tune Play a Tune Parasol Dance Essence of Spring Green Vines Falling Sakura Shaper's Succor Luxuriant Rush Moonlight Herald Fish Bash Leaping Porpoise Second Hit Spirit Shell Second Hit Jade Fox Second Hit Spectral Magpie Combo - Second Hit Violent Wave Flying Fish Blade Scattering Fishblade Eagle Strike Serpent Snare Pummeling Yeti Fauna - Eagle Strike Fauna - Beast Rush Fauna - Partner Deer Stampede Rock Shield Closing Disdain! Nature's Balm Radiant Whirlwind Curative Burst Faerie's Touch Supreme Revival Flora - Faerie Flora - Summon Spirit Life Flow Solo Bark Zip Cupid's Arrow Flight to Safety Solo Bite Infiltrate Solo Grab Return to Camp Solo Roar Thunder Shell Hellfire Salvo Concussion Bomb Oblivion Bomb Sniper mode Death Mark Butterfly Flutter Proximity Mine Spider Turret Helix Blade Mana Armor Focused Fire Grenade Proximity Mine Second Hit Mana Armor Second Hit Magic Wheel Gun Summon Orb Explosion Magic Ring Deadeye Shot Strafe Rocket Barrage Juggernaut Armor Mortar Fusillade Firepower - Fiery Burst Comet Strike Gather Victims Ghost Flurry Black Smoke Razor Puppet Arcane Confinement Crackshot - Binding Trap Crackshot - Extreme Cooldown Crackshot - Armored Guard Crackshot - Radioactive Bullets Crackshot - Armored Puppet - Unrealized Ferrous Trap Hurl Snowball Blizzard Burst Charm Flash Flee 3 Flee 1 Adapt Hellfire Claw Creeping Pain Grasping Spirits Spirit's Return