Monster Slayer Monster Slaughterer Monster's Bane Sign-in 10 times Sign-in 20 times Sign-in 30 times Quest Veteran Overachiever Respected (Sulan) Respected (Fort Whetstone) Respected (Tidewater) Vanguard's Sincerity Respected (Immortal Annex) Respected (Hyphaean) Respected (Ursid) Respected (Wingar) Respected (Northern Wolf) Respected (Snowpine Reach) Respected (Volopine) Local Celebrity Well-known Ausgyth Star Reputable You're a Civet! We're All Civets! World Famous Sign-in 3 times Sign-in 8 times Sign-in 18 times Sign-in 25 times Wastelands Exploration Citadel Exploration Where is the seat? Ascend the vantage point It's cold at the top The Stone Trinity Rys Lel! Rys Lel! Above the Clouds Ouch that Burns! 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Surviving Outside the Mortal Realms Floral Reverie Grass Treasure down! Weird Figurehead Well-read Reckless Trials Actual Water Gate Minor Indulgence Flameborn Tyrant (Epic) Ultimate challenge! Hidden Ausgyth Scenery A journey decided at the last minute. The Way out of the Impasse Command and Conquer Boom! Come on Strong Mech Citadel Hell (20-person Expert) Mech Citadel Hell (10-person Expert) Nightmare Mech Citadel (20-person Expert) Nightmare Mech Citadel (10-person Expert) Nightmare Deserted Shrine (Expert) Nightmare Grand Bulwark (Expert) Nightmare Altar of Swords (Expert) Basic Mech Citadel (20-person Expert) Basic Mech Citadel (10-person Expert) Basic Deserted Shrine (Expert) Basic Grand Bulwark (Expert) Basic Altar of Swords (Expert) Expert Shrine Admittance Expert Bulwark Admittance Expert Mech Admittance Expert Altar of Swords Admittance Mushroom's Sentiments Start Well, End Well That's it? Simultaneous Kill First Small, Then Big Insulator Off With Their Heads! The King and the Bandits So Popular You Got Game Awww... Won't Anyone Play With Me? Not Even a Scratch Easy Peasy Chatty Cathy Cool It, Romeo Respected Making Friends Over & Under Graduate with Honors Graduate with Distinction Dean's List Magna Cum Laude I Have a Mentor! I Have an Apprentice! Heritage Rites Movin' on Up Role Model Shining Example Chart the Unknown Building a New Future Stake Your Claim The Smell of Fine Wine... Ausgyth Runner Adept Follower Novice Guild Carpenter Come Play With Me A Friend in Need I've Got Good Friends I've Got Great Friends I've Got Super Friends Mentor Conquer Your Nemesis Two Birds with One Stone Manticore Slayer Twelfth Trial Rebellious Youth Swordshear Lord Demon's Bane Treasure Hunting Expert Protector of Texts Manticore Slayer - Ultimate Twelfth Trial - Ultimate Lord of the Autumn Leaf - Ultimate Swordshear Lord - Ultimate Demon's Bane - Ultimate Spider's Trap Caw?! Ribbit?! Beetle Massacre Beetle Genocide Pest Exterminator You Would Kill a Koi?! Is Nothing Sacred Anymore? Rat Killer Rat Exterminator Aww, But They're So Cute... Goose Hunter Arachnophobe I Hate Snakes Animal Cruelty God Help Me Pest Destroyer World's Greatest Hunter Animal Terminator Full-time Hunter Total Extinction