Passionate Icebreaker Ice Breaker (Epic) Master Ice Carver Scion of the Storm Ancestral Dragon Showdown (Epic) Untouched by Curses Asbestos Fingers Conquer the Chasm (Epic) Eternal Chasm (Ultimate) Epic Eternal Chasm Secrets of the Swamp Good, Evil, and Karma (Epic) Respected (Falmari) Raining Money Without Fear (Green Warden) God of Death (3-man) Complete Shrine - Easy God of Death (5-man) God of Blood (1-man) Without Fear (Red Warden) God of Blood (3-man) God of Blood (5-man) It's cold at the top Mower Feller Bushwhacker Deforestation Expert Darkscale Elimination Expert Protector of Emerald Falls Try and Try Again Can't Take This Anymore Without Fear (White Warden) No Casualties Arm Breaker Irredeemable Overcome (Black Warden) Overcome (Green Warden) Death Lord of the Autumn Leaf Power of a God Speed of Light Green Warden's Concern Sever the Head Complete Shrine - Hard Marcel of Heaven's Wrath (20-man) Marcel of Heaven's Wrath (10-man) Overcome (White Warden) Extreme 10-Kill Windswept Gauntlet (Occultist) One of Each Grand Slam Look at What We Have Here Master of the Boutique 50 Quests 100 Quests 200 Quests Raise a Little Cash Dragging Your Feet 5 Cyclical Quests Welcome to Revelation 400 Quests 800 Quests 10 Cyclical Quests 20 Cyclical Quests 50 Cyclical Quests 100 Cyclical Quests The Dilatory Black Vassal Complete 100 Tasks Complete 250 Tasks Deep Red Level 45 Green Vassal Don't Lose Your Way Sword Identified Where Did Uncle Go? Windcatcher Disc Hop Faerie's Funland Bounty Hunter Skyward Contenders Chosen by the Heavens Eternal Chasm Battle Quick Completion - Shrine Mount Builder Shatter their Shields Good Reflexes Fancy Meeting You Here More Brains Than Brawn Talk of the Town Belle of the Ball Dapper So Many Clothes! What to Wear... Dream of Libations Sealbreak Pinnacle of Fashion Mech Citadel Top 5 Forbidden Chambers Sealbreak Sunken Galleon Sealbreak Mech Citadel Level 1 Sealbreak Mech Citadel Level 2 Sealbreak Mech Citadel Level 3 Sealbreak Altar of Swords Top 5 Deserted Shrine Demon King Breaker Grand Bulwark Demon King Breaker Mech Citadel Master Way of the Blade Wyrmbane TOP5 of the Eternal Chasm My weakness is here Freshman Level Master Dealmaker Intrepid Conqueror Tremendous Expansion Ausgyth Gallop Don't Feel Like Walking Accessorized Month's Worth Bling Bling I'm a Little Princess Mounts Abound Level 30 Level 40 Level 50 Level 60 All Decked Out Achiever's Raiments (1) Achiever's Raiments (2) Achiever's Raiments (3) Armor Tinkerer Armor Aficionado Sink or Swim Rushing Headlong Sky High Over & Under Hard to Kill I Learned a Special Skill! Dash! Leap! Glide! Charge! First Equipment Change Level 65 Social Level 30 Social Level 40 Social Level 50 100 Hours Online Time 200 Hours Online Time