Life or Death: Pledge of Fealty Life or Death: Tribute of Essence Life or Death: Kneel or Perish Life or Death: King of Kings Life or Death: Sole Authority Life or Death: Trust No One Life or Death: The Siphoning Life or Death: Infusion of Souls Life or Death: One that Got Away Life or Death: Break in Action Life or Death: Extreme Prejudice Life or Death: I Want to Know Life or Death: Furious Anger Life or Death: Change of Mind Life or Death: Life Over Death Twilight Years: Message Delivered Twilight Years: Rebellion Twilight Years: Do It Myself Twilight Years: Rest and Regroup Twilight Years: Power Beyond Desire Twilight Years: Confirmation Twilight Years: Siphon Energy Twilight Years: Strategic Planning Twilight Years: Attain through Will Twilight Years: Switch Positions Life or Death: Follow Me and Prosper Life or Death: Surprise Assault Life or Death: Succession of Throne Karmic Retribution: Into the Tomb Karmic Retribution: Full Consequences Karmic Retribution: Spanning Bridge Karmic Retribution: Unfulfilled Ambition Karmic Retribution: Complete Petrification Karmic Retribution: Getting What was Wanted Life or Death: Power Granted Karmic Retribution: Redwood Lift Karmic Retribution: Mission Accomplished Karmic Retribution: Unobstructed View Quelling Unrest: Into the Unknown Quelling Unrest: Scout Party Quelling Unrest: Aboriginal Quelling Unrest: Unreachable Bridge Quelling Unrest: Solo Adventure Quelling Unrest: Straggler Wolf Quelling Unrest: Redwood Lift Quelling Unrest: Hall of Death Quelling Unrest: Admirable Loyalty Quelling Unrest: Capital Punishment Quelling Unrest: Unrest Quelled Karmic Retribution: Barging In Karmic Retribution: Betrayal Karmic Retribution: Housecleaning Quelling Unrest: Mastermind Behind the Scene Karmic Retribution: Trap Test Karmic Retribution: Unobstructed View Life or Death: At Crossroads Life or Death: At Crossroads Life or Death: Refusing the Throne Life or Death: Wholehearted Acceptance Life or Death: At Crossroads Evil Intent: Return to Past Life or Death: Witness to History Evil Intent: Personal Experience Evil Intent: Incoming Crisis Twilight Years: Do It Myself Quelling Unrest: Hidden Passage Quelling Unrest: Too Late for Regret The love between father and son Enigma of the Sunken Galleon Intelligence - Nimble Fingers Dream Lover Lurking Danger Banner of the Revered Story of the Keep - The Long Search Story of the Keep - Wall Climbing Story of the Keep - Wall with a View Story of the Keep - Joy of Friendship Story of the Keep - Drink Together Story of the Keep - Unforeseen Events Story of the Keep - Mutiny! Story of the Keep - Dispute over Anything Story of the Keep - Hurry to the Camp Story of the Keep - Royal Herald Story of the Keep - No Hesitation Story of the Keep - Persuasion Story of the Keep - Overbearing Story of the Keep - Deadly Peril Story of the Keep - Joint Strategy Story of the Keep - Candidate Selection Story of the Keep - Overcome Story of the Keep - Mountain Duel Story of the Keep - Hope of Victory Story of the Keep - Living up to Expectations Iron Precipice Battle - Engage the Enemy Iron Precipice Battle - Attack Head-on Iron Precipice Battle - Deployment Command Iron Precipice Battle - Surrounded Iron Precipice Battle - Stalemate Iron Precipice Battle - Analyzing Iron Precipice Battle - Disguise Iron Precipice Battle - Careful Inquiry Iron Precipice Battle - False Information Iron Precipice Battle - Surprise Attack Iron Precipice Battle - Lying Low Iron Precipice Battle - Victorious Homecoming Iron Precipice Battle - Playing their Game Iron Precipice Battle - Ambush on Star Point Iron Precipice Battle - Great Victory Heavy Heart - Firm Belief Heavy Heart - Military Invitation Heavy Heart - Secrets Heavy Heart - Decided Heavy Heart - Carsera's Battle Heavy Heart - Duty First Imperial Evil - Going Home Imperial Evil - Descendant's Hope Imperial Evil - No One to Blame Imperial Evil - Royal Crisis Imperial Evil - Once More Into the Breach Imperial Evil - Other Ways Imperial Evil - Slayer Portal Imperial Evil - Imperial Violence Imperial Evil - Out of Control Imperial Evil - Insincerity Imperial Evil - Imperial Curse Imperial Evil - Old Secrets Imperial Evil - Decided Divine Ritual - Initial Ceremony Divine Ritual - The Chant Divine Ritual - Mysterious Assassin Divine Ritual - Assassin's Identity Divine Ritual - Old Grudges Divine Ritual - Serious Misgivings Divine Ritual - No Place for Suspicion Divine Ritual - Continue On Divine Ritual - Something Bad Divine Ritual - Right on Time Divine Ritual - A Trial Divine Ritual - Guard's Path Divine Ritual - Blade Spirit Divine Ritual - Stay with Shinji Divine Spirit - Sheath Spirit Divine Ritual - Attack Path Divine Ritual - Trial Proceeds Divine Ritual - Indecision Divine Ritual - The Desire of the Heart Divine Spirit - Ruler's Decision Divine Ritual - Individual Will Divine Ritual - Becoming a Ruler