Stout Stone Block Scroll Guild Structure Component 80 Scroll Enchanted Band Profess: Fluttering Heart Profess: Undying Love Elementary Focused Fire Scroll I - Aptitude Big Skills Attribute Adjustment Pack Moonfall Necklace Ruby Necklace Green Vine Necklace 30 Special Skill Chapters Cruel Fang Helm Tome of Forgiveness 30 Glass Firestones Tortoise Crystal Black Warden Stone Purple Crystal Golden Dodder Moon Pill Windkeep Harbor Quest New Windkeep Harbor Quest New Windkeep Harbor Quest Kite Ore Wood Stone Watermelon Cucumber Code Token Gold Finger Gold Finger Gold Finger Legendary Recipe Vegetable Cake PvP System Document 99 Rainbow Boxes Bouquet of Love Fresh Fish Northern Stone Northern Wolf Iron Ore A Letter Refine Upgrade Pack Wheat Bundle Civet Manure Manure and Wheat Nyoo Nyoo’s Puppet Nyoo Nyoo’s Puppet Nyoo Nyoo’s Puppet Steel Nails Scroll Steel Shard Scroll Iron Plate Scroll Illumination Agent Hot Springs Wine Keepsake Keepsake Recruiting Token Military Medallion Strange Hair Strange Footprint Strange Cloth Material Storybook A Bottle of Honey Bear Gall Advanced Helix Blade Scroll II - Blaze Fresh Flower Petal Delicious Mushroom Meat Cask of Wine Cask of Ritual Wine Money Pouch Red Bean Soup Performance - Lute Delicious Dessert Wood Board Spirit Fruit Invigored Spirit Shaper Bag of Dried Flower Petals Contaminated Perfume Can of half-rotten spinach Drunk Rat Dried Starworm Specimen Coarse Pearl Dust Malformed Spider Eyeball Watering Can Caught Starworm Coral Giant Oyster Pearl New Jewelry Echo Shell Echo Shell Box Ruby Coral Pearl Box Foreman's Tuning Stick Box of Seafood Peach Blossom Petals Rain of Stars Star Lotus Petal Perfumed Package Fatty Fish Fresh Honey Bucket of Water Bundle of Wood Wheat Bundle Scarecrow Repair Tools Tasty Beer Civet Secret Beer Herb Broom Soothing Incense Supplies Redgate Ring Wound Medicine Yellow Paper Aromatic Candle Paper Money Old Rusty Jade Pendant Repair Tool Bag Cleanup Tool Bag Overseer's Small Whip Bamboo Shoot Revelation World Stone Old Rusty Jade Pendant Mong Kor's Sword Sickle Mong Narin's Sword Scrawled Notes Bag of Wheat Cup of Hot Tea Recyclable Alchemy Materials Bamboo Flute Summon Rune Starfall Blessing III Bamboo Flute Bamboo Flute Purse full of dust Wood Embroidered bag Copper Mirror Thousand-leaf Violet Gunslinger Research Resources Chest Tree Branch Nausea Medicine Bowl of Water Advanced Wine Token Normal Wine Token Copper Mirror Recruiting Token Peach Syrup Spade