Elementary Concentration Scroll I - Blessing Sixth Sense Case Intermediate Shadow Chain Crafting Instructions Advanced Assassin's Haste Scroll I - Arrest Apparel Item IV - Old Candy Box Soul Release Talisman Vorion Raiment (Foot) 10 Soul Release Talismans Conflagrant Staff General's Trinket Dragonchaser Warhelm Concealed Dragon Staff Clothes Caught Firefly Vile Shoes Dragonchaser Staff Cataclysm Advanced Windwave Scroll I - Tao Celebration Red Envelope Invictus Staff Advanced Crippling Bolt Scroll I - Punishment Assassin - All Server Third Place Ocean's Beck (Pack) Seven-Star Sword (Pack) Blademaster - All Server Champion - Third-Generation Nine-Toothed Demon (Pack) White Dragon Spear (Pack) Peach Bell (Pack) Vanquishing Shadow Wand (Pack) Summer Festival Pack Childhood Sweetheart Refined Necklace Flight Necklace Poltergeist Necklace Masterpiece Necklace Spirit Feather Box Mark Contract IV Advanced Dagger Crafting Instructions Celebration Gift Lava Blade (Pack) Cod Liver Oil Essence Scroll Invigoration Element T Scroll Divine Rock Elixir Scroll Divine Gods' Blessing Elixir Scroll Divine Elixir of Haste Scroll Divine Tortoise Shell Elixir Scroll Divine Spirit Shell Elixir Scroll Divine Stamina Surge Elixir Scroll Divine Impunity Elixir Scroll Divine Purification Oil Scroll Divine Thick Skin Elixir Scroll Divine Spell Caster’s Elixir Scroll Divine Essence of Spring Elixir Scroll Official Dub Event Reward Chest Blue Flowerbud (Pack) Divine Evil Scepter (Pack) Precious Mount Box Enthusiast Pack Elementary Grenade Scroll I - Blaze Spirit Feather Box Enthusiast Pack Advanced Crippling Bolt Scroll II - Punishment Ausgyth Gift Crate Belgian Soccer Uniform Refined Necklace Flight Necklace Poltergeist Necklace Masterpiece Necklace Elementary Grenade Scroll II - Blaze French Soccer Uniform Intermediate Sun Marrow Portuguese Soccer Uniform Elementary Grenade Scroll I - Aptitude Belgian Soccer Uniform Charcoal Scroll Stabilizing Agent Scroll Oil Paint Scroll Lubricating Oil Scroll Flux Scroll Spanish Soccer Uniform Russian Soccer Uniform Italian Soccer Uniform Calaite (Old) Elementary Grenade Scroll I - Steel Portuguese Soccer Uniform Ausgyth Gift Crate Elementary Helix Blade Scroll I - Blaze Ear of Wheat (Old) Precious Wares Official Dub Event Participation Prize Elementary Helix Blade Scroll II - Blaze Advanced Crippling Bolt Scroll I - Aptitude Merciless Shadow Scythe Template (Pack) Pork Belly (Old) Summer Hippop Leshy’s Flute Scroll Goblin Bell Scroll Falmari Conch Scroll Guild Crafting Component 80 Scroll Ancient Wind Set Sidus Removal Sigils Elementary Helix Blade Scroll I - Aptitude Sparkling Fang Necklace (Test) Nerdy Teacher Medium Gate Masked Ball Chicken Feet (Old) #45 Hairstyle - Grand Intermediate Helix Blade Scroll I - Aptitude Celestial Echelon: Top 8 of the Second Meet Student Era Dancing Queen Garments Pack Elementary Helix Blade Scroll I - Steel Luxurious Fabrics Pack Desert Warfare Pack Fragrant Soul Pack Badge Essence Celebration Outfit (Leg) Basic Foundation Scroll Oaken Cornix Scroll Earthen Gold - Old Arcane Weapon Casket Scroll Advanced Foundation Scroll Gunslinger Arcane Tome Scroll Ultimate Foundation Scroll Guild Artifice Component 80 Scroll Advanced Rune Box Ten Azure Tickets Carved Rune IV x6 Elementary Mana Armor 1 - Aptitude Black Fire x10 Advanced Crippling Bolt Scroll I - Blessing Snuffler Bonemeal (Old) Ten Astral Greatvoices Clear Autumn Set Swallowtail Set Silver Bough Set Worldly Fate Set Magic Gift - Wisdom Bamboo Shoots - Old 99 Precious Mount Boxes 99 Spirit Feather Boxes Consort's Tub Dream Necklace Makeshift Stone Block Scroll Golden Altar Scroll Insubstantial Stone Block Scroll Magic Gift - Deep Sentiment Heavy Stone Block Scroll