Refined Shoes Flight Boots Poltergeist Shoes Masterpiece Shoes Personal Greatvoice Privilege Order Flight Broadsword God of Cooking Challenge Reward Crude Pickaxe Crude Pick Crude Miner’s Hat Crude Sickle Crude Small Hoe Crude Gardening Shovel Crude Hatchet Crude Saw Crude Chainsaw Crude Spoon Crude Test Tube Crude Beaker Crude Alchemy Pot Crude Stirring Rod Crude Crucible Crude Crosscut Saw Crude Carving Knife Crude Wood Plane Crude Wrench Crude Screwdriver Crude Ink Line Crude Chisel Crude Masonry Hammer Crude Engraving Knife Crude Blacksmith's Hammer Crude Anvil Crude Tongs Fairytale (Chest) Crude Silversmith's Hammer Crude Molds Crude Hand File Dragonbone Reel - Control Crude Driving Hammer Crude Whetstone Crude Serrated Knife Crude Needle and Thread Crude Shears Crude Ruler Crude Needle and Thread Crude Scissors Crude Tape Measure Crude Wok Crude Cleaver Crude Spatula True Silver Battle Armor Crude Grain Scoop Crude Oak Barrel Crude Sieve Crude Teacup Crude Teapot Crude Tea Stove Pottery Oresfo Vathi's Companion Skystrike Band Elementary Concentration Scroll I - Punishment Elementary Chain Whip Crafting Instructions Refined Pants Fairytale (Hand) Dragonbone Reel Masterpiece Broadsword Advanced Merciless Strike Scroll I - Killer Advanced Parry Cure Rune - Old Sunken Galleon Secret Tract Broadleaf Travel Stone Windswept Gauntlet Stone Merganin's Turtle Shell Tide Lurker's Turtle Shell Starshadow Phosphorous Starlight Phosphorous Starturtle Shell Scattered Hyphaean Spores Dropped Hyphaean Spores Starshadow Phosphorous Starlight Phosphorous Starturtle Shell Scattered Hyphaean Spores Dropped Hyphaean Spores Consolation Medicine Paper and Pen Craven Toadling Little Mage Wound Medicine Herb Intermediate Dagger Crafting Instructions Civet Morph Leaf Star Velvet Nectar Peach Pollen Mixed Solvents Tool Paper Ball Priest Use Star Velvet Stolen Weapon Cargo Family Records Snowflake Cream Giantwood Root Alchemy Recipe Power of the Spirit Pact Flight Pants Fairytale (Leg) Incense Bag Soul Crystal Venom ZX500 Fodder Pure Emotion Gilded Helmet Venom ZX500 Fodder Green Dragon Battle Spirit Reward I Safflower Dye Embroidered flowers Gold Thread Red Dance Shoes with embroidered peonies accented with gold threads. Bloodstained Soil Demon’s Clawmarks Sword Essence Fresh Hairy Crab Beetle Pate Maple King Leaf Crow Oats Molted Beast Shell Alpine Flowers Alpine Flower Seeds Purifying Jade Flame Shards Magma Crystals Red Iron Ore Power of the Sun Power of the Moon Power of the Stars Deathly Essence Scorpion Venom Green Dragon Glory Reward II Flaming Nirvana Necklace Green Dragon Battle Spirit Reward II Auspicious Steed Heart of the Green Dragon Treasure Box Copper Coin Pouch Intermediate Shadow Chain Crafting Instructions Eye of the Green Dragon Treasure Box Poltergeist Pants Fairytale (Foot) Damaged Red Phlogiston Imposing Occultist Model